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Whenever I read a new blog, I always dash to the ‘about me’ page. Who is this guy (or gal) whose thoughts I’m reading? Can I trust him? Are his opinions credible and backed by expertise?

Let me be clear. I am neither credible nor credentialed. I have heaped praise upon Mark Latham. I lauded the ascension of Julia Gillard and called her an excellent communicator (of all things!) I am in the pocket of my corporate sponsors, like Torgo’s Executive Powder. I have campaigned for granting more rights to corporations, especially the right to marry freely. I am but a simple Commerce/Law student at the University of Sydney with some knowledge of various things.

This blog is a place for intellectual masturbation. It varies from pithy observations to longer and more considered posts on specific issues. It’s a doodling ground for me to procrastinate in during exam periods. It’s a place I post my thoughts on when researching deeper issues, like whether there is a social media bubble or the Japanese Lost Decade.

Whatever I write on, I draw from the lessons of the Enlightenment – a commitment to impartial analysis of the empirical evidence, dedication to policy rather than politics, the use of wit and avoiding the use of phrases like the ‘Endarkenment’ to describe modernity. Which is why its so frustrating that one of my most popular pages is this post which was an offhand comment about an article on the Onion, but keeps getting hits from people searching ‘gay smoking’ or ‘French gay’ on Google.

What are my leanings? I’m a stringent economic rationalist and a social liberal. I believe in privatisation and in deregulation, but I also believe in government investment in infrastructure. I avoid being party political, although I have been both a member of the Australian Labor Party and the College Republicans in the US. A notable exception are my various campaigns:

  • Malcolm Turnbull for President of Australia campaign
  • Campaign for true marriage equality – Give corporations the right to marry
  • Campaign for Fox Executives to be turned into Torgo’s Executive Powder

This blog is proudly sponsored by Torgo’s Executive Powder. Apply directly to the buttocks.


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