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This blog wrote a series of lengthy posts on NSW Labor party reform and the introduction of US-style primaries.

The Australian Labor Party and the British Labour Party are thinking of following suit. (I’m posting from my phone so I may post links later).

One crucial aim of this reform is to shake off union ties or diminish their influence. You will be unsurprised to know that I substantially blame the decline of both ALP and British Labour to union influence. Ever since Ed Milliband was elected as Labor leader, despite losing the popular vote amongst party members due to the union vote, he’s had trouble shaking off the ‘Red Ed’ label; its stopped him taking the fight to the Conservatives. And we know the travails of Ms Gillard in Australia, the PM installed by union bosses.

Party reform is needed to bring new members into the party. But it is also needed to break the union dominance over the ALP and the culture of patronage it brings.


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