Skip navigation Cato Institute supports the DREAM Act currently being debated by the Californian Congress.

I’ve no well-formed opinions on the DREAM Act. On the one hand, not passing it is tantamount to punishing people who cannot be held responsible for illegally entering the US (since they were under 5). On the other hand, with California’s dire fiscal situation can they really afford to pay for more students? They’ve already enacted drastic cuts to education budgets.

Although I’m broadly skeptical of paths to legalisation, I think I am tending towards passing the DREAM Act, since it prevents further ghettoisation over the generations. It won’t be a panacea – if the stereotypes are anywhere near accurate (and stereotypes often aren’t), then most illegal immigrant teenagers are unlikely to be able to get into college anyway. But for those who fought the odds to get decent high school grades, to learn English and to otherwise be eligible, I say, let’s give them their dues.




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