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FYI, the Federal Government has now released the first stage of its $20m feasibility study on high speed rail:

This blog has written on HSR in the past. Whilst I have supported HSR generally, I think it’s inappropriate in Australia because it simply isn’t business feasible without heavy government subsidies.

I’ll have a more thorough post up later, but it seems as  though it won’t be business-feasible. It’ll take 3 hours to travel between Sydney and Melbourne at a cost of $75-190. Even taking into account travel times to airports (and to the train station) or the time taken by security check, are you really willing to pay triple the price of an air ticket to travel slower than a plane? I can’t imagine there are enough people who would want to do that.




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  1. Sydney to Melbourne in 2hr 50 min by train would be on par, time-wise with flying. If the ticket prices were towards the lower end, it would be price competitive and possibly cheaper. You have to be very on the ball to get those cheap Sydney-Melbourne flights, otherwise they are around the $200 mark for a return flight. Still at $100 bn, it’s a pricey option.

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