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Someone commented on one of my old posts, where I described factionalism within the Greens. I don’t know if she’s right (one should always be cautious of any one who posts comments randomly on as obscure  blog as this) but its an interesting idea.

What a load of uniformed crap. Sarah Hansen-Young is no friend of Lee Rhiannon’s. Hansen-Young is far more conservative than the older Rhiannon or even Milne. The NSW Greens hate Hansen Young and Rhiannon spearheads much of the campaign against the younger Sentor. Stranger thing is Hansen-Young is closer to Brown than just about anyone. Yes the Greens have factions but you have totally missed who is with who.

Of course, my post was actually terribly well-informed. (See my counter-comment for a list of sources). But it would be interesting if everything the mainstream media, and the Labor Party and the Liberal Party thought about factions within the Greens was wrong.

I can’t see a single shred of evidence that SHY is conservative myself. Maybe she means that SHY is a totally fake politician, who pretends to be young to get up the youth vote. And who loves shallow mediabites, but rarely says anything of substance.


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