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Logic dictates that no one ever reads this blog. I never publicise it (except occasionally on Facebook), its filled with dull arcana that is of very limited interest, its badly written and was erratically updated for large portions of its life.

Evidence, however, suggests otherwise. And since this blog is ostensibly dedicated to logic and evidence, I must reassess my belief that this blog is never ever read.

Occasionally, friends will ask me about my blog or comment to me about posts. My site statistics suggest that a reasonably large number of people regularly visit this site but the numbers don’t make sense.

Somehow, the number of people who have read individual posts don’t match the numbers who have visited the blog on a particular date.

Do these statistics include people who read my blog by RSS feed?

The numbers of visitors increase when I post an article regardless of whether I publicise it on Facebook – how do you know when I publish articles?

If you could fill out this poll, that would greatly assist my understanding of how my own blog works. Like most males, I never read the manual and I have no intention of ever doing so.

If your method of accessing this blog isn’t on the blog, or is more nuanced, please tell me how in the comments.


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