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Just to remind myself that there are several things I want to blog about, should I ever find time:

  • The GST Review: Having recently studied the Commonwealth/State/UK negotiations over the Australia Acts, its very interesting to watch the powerplay that will occur over the GST. This hands Julia Gillard a very big stick, and a very big carrot with which to get the States to do her bidding. As I have said previously, all of Gillard’s campaign promises require State participation in one form or another. The GST is also central to proper governance in Australia – vertical fiscal imbalance and integration, incentivising States to improve productivity and dealing with a two track economy.
  • The Greens: This blog has a long history of condemning the Greens, the NSW Greens in particular, for their intransigence, and their foolish adherence to ideological purity. We are beginning to see those tensions sally forth in the fight between Bob Brown and Lee Rhiannon that is being so widely publicised by the Australian. I personally, would also link it to the leadership spill launched by Sarah Hanson Young.
  • NSW election: I would like to do a more rigorous analysis of data from the NSW election. In particular, which groups left Labor? I suspect that the white, working class left Labor whereas poorer immigrants stuck with them. That’s why outer ring suburbs and country seats fell, whereas inner city areas were more resilient to the stench of death. I’d also like a more thorough look at the Independents’ seats.
  • Labor primaries: I want to look at what the ALP can do to encourage more particpiation in their branches, especially the introduction of US-style primary elections for candidates.

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