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Hmm, wow, I haven’t updated this in quite some time. In fact, I haven’t posted all year. So here’s a quick post

So the FTC and the DoJ are launching an action against Apple for (what in Australia would be called) abusing of market power. In other words, its a monopoly. But over what market? Isn’t it literally creating a monopoly over iphone apps? There are other mp3 players on the market besides iPods and other ways to download music legally. What an absolutely foolish thing for the DoJ to do. It’s economically irresponsible to go after a well-designed product like the Apple. Capitalism depends upon businesses using strategies to channel more customers into its net and to draw out more money from them once caught. Anti-trust laws should only be invoked at the last instance when there is a highly uncompetitive market. But its also politically stupid for them. They’re going to lose a major high profile case an tarnish their own reputations having done so. Foolish.

I’ve been thinking that I might post some of my near-complete draft articles. I have a tendency to only write when I’m in the mood. So I’ll write a post, get up to do something else then never return to the article because I’m bored of the particular topic. So I’ve got articles written up on AOL’s acquisition of Huffington Post, Egypt, Wikileaks and a few other topics that I wrote on planes, whilst at home with a spare half hour that I never quite finished off. I may post those, with the huge disclaimer that they are out of date and that they are incomplete. In fact, you know they’re incomplete because they just end


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