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Every now and again my Facebook newsfeed throws up some interesting facts.

Just today, a liberal friend pointed out that a drought has broken each and every time a new Labor government was elected. A conservative friend pointed out that 95% of liberals in California live on the west of the San Andreas fault so if a particularly large earthquake…

God, of course, loves each and every one of us. But which side of politics does he love more? It stands to reason (though, experience demonstrates that reason has very little to do with God) that he can’t love both sides of politics evenly. After all, if he loves each and every one of us equally then by the additive property he loves the more populous side of politics more.

It is commonly known that reality itself often discriminates against conservatives – facts seem ever so inconvenient to their beliefs, whether its evolution, global warming, economic theory, etc etc. But equally, I have documented instances of God’s wrath shortly after gay agenda victories. For example, shortly after Tasmania passed a particular gay friendly law, a severe earthquake struck New Zealand.

So, as the wise Avril Lavigne once said, what if God was one of us? Would He be progressive or conservative?


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