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This is a truly bizarre occurrence. A member of the ALP Right has crossed the floor to vote with the Greens on a bill about the sale of X-rated pornography.

The ALP Head Office has the power to suspend her from the party (or to expel her) but has no powers to remove her from the upper house of Parliament, nor to remove her from her position as President of the Upper House. This is really new paradigm stuff guys. There is absolutely no leeway to cross the floor unless you have a consistent track record of objection on that bill – and you have the courtesy to tell your fellow party MPs first.

It’s not that I disagree with Ms Fazio about crossing the floor, its a strangely drafted bill and ought to be opposed. But her vote makes no difference, and as an upper house MP, her position is entirely dependent on the ALP supporting  her next election… which is in like half a year’s time.

I guess her logic is either that she wanted to retire anyway (due to the inevitable slaughter of the NSW Government), or she wants to become an independent MLC (which, again is not a bad idea because of the imminent slaughter of anything ALP). But even so, its not the best ‘do or die’ issue. Why not choose a far more populist bill as a sword upon which to fall? There are plenty of awful pieces of legislation -> it’s NSW Parliament fer crying out loud!


PS: There were plenty of interesting stories today. The acquisition of 15% of Channel 10 by Jamie Packer, the debate over Afghanistan stuck out in particular, but also interesting was the fact that there was some kind of asphyxiation event in the Murray Darling – the farmers requested some environmental flows be released, but the Murray Darling Basin Authority was too slow to react so over 200km of river has no fish, because they all asphyxiated.


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