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Friends, my massive ego normally restrains me from acknowledging the work of others, not to mention quoting it in full, but this excellently crafted poem tugs upon my heartstrings as an aspiring wordsmith, as an atheist and moreover a massive Terry Pratchett fan. (I’m thinking in particular of his book, Small Gods, which revolutionised the way I think and still think about theism).

Long, long ago, when gods were gods
The things they did defied the odds;
They vanquished armies, stopped the sun,
Delivered plagues and thought it fun.
And those who saw were not deceived–
There was not doubt, so they believed!

But now, it seems, we’ve been misled;
If those gods lived, by now they’re dead.
We find god now (don’t ask me why)
By looking in a piece of pi.

From the Digital Cuttlefish blog, which as of now has at least one new follower.

As the original blogger commented, we are no longer searching for a God of the Gaps, but “The Incredible Shrinking God, who once performed miracles and now hides in equations”.

And yet, we have seen the consequences of denying God in our hearts and in our Parliaments. Shortly after Tasmania passed a bill to recognise gay marriages of other jurisdictions, gnashing rain and massive floods lashed NSW, Victoria and South Australia. Following the rain and flood, a plague of locusts the likes of which Australia has not seen in decades struck those self-same areas. Alas, the Bible told us to love our neighbour, but perhaps Tasmania loved them a little too much, and our Lord saw fit to even the balance by lashing Tasmania’s neighbouring States with plague and flood.

Isn’t it marvellous? When you peer into the endless mystery of the inscrutable weather and the chaos of it all, you find one equation with a thousand variables called the ‘weather paradigm‘. And yet, out of that chaos and complexity, we can still see an omniscient and omnipotent God who can even out the imbalance and injustice in the world. And he still hates gays.


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