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As we approach the upcoming State election, Premier-Elect O’Farrell is taking decisive action to preserve the traditional values and beliefs of the NSW Liberal Opposition. In this up-coming election, one of their most fundamental rights – the right to be the NSW Opposition is being threatened by their almost certain victory. The poll numbers suggest that the Liberal Party will be unwillingly swept into power with a 20 seat majority that even the most inept party leaders could not whittle away.

Fortunately, at their helm, the NSW Liberals have Fatty O’Barrell, a man so incompetent that he failed to oust Peter Debnam; who in turn failed to oust the flagrantly failing Iemma Government. And he has a plan and a policy to whittle that 20 seat majority down to hung Parliament status. That plan? To protect and expand poker machines in NSW.

The Premier-Elect has signed a commercial memorandum of understanding wherein, he promises to give $300m in tax breaks to pubs and clubs in exchange for their promise to expand the burgeoning poker machine industry in Australia (as soon as the Premier-Elect legislates to remove caps on the number of pokies in each venue).

It is an ingenious tactic – to take massive donations from pokie lobby groups in a political climate disfavouring the corrupt politics of yesteryear; to fight the Productivity Commission, any number of charities and NGOs and to dispute the findings of any independent and unbiased reporting on the issue.

This is a valiant effort by the Premier-Elect to forestall the inevitable. But, alas, it is not good enough. It is simply not possible to be less competent than the NSW Labor Government. The Premier-elect, I fear, shall still be elected.


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