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So, I was at the Co-op Bookstore rummaging through the pile of super-discounted books there. I’ve never before found anything worth buying – they’re invariably textbooks which are slightly out of date, or books by curmudgeony old professors which are either highly polemic or so narrowly focussed that noone would ever buy it. I also found a copy of Twilight for 95c. haha

This time, though! I found a copy of Clintonomics. I’ve not heard of this book, but it seems to be exactly what I’ve been looking for. It describes to me the history of economics from a philosophical perspective without being taught by a Marxist. It goes through Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill, Keynes and Hayek (plus others) and explains how each contributed to the philosophy of economics. It then elaborates on the difference between the Reagan Revolution and Clintonomics, ie the Third Way economics forged by the great leaders of the 1990s, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and someone Keating. It looks a bit sparse in its treatment of the history, but it will put it all in context for me and set up a framework for me to think with. I’ve got enough knowledge to fill in the gaps.

Next up, I’d like to understand the differences between Keynesian economics, classical/supply side economics and the supposed neoclassical fusion which brings the two of them together. It’s terribly difficult to find a good treatment of the two side by side. It’s invariably one side telling me why the other side sucks major balls.

Next book I’d like to find – a book on architecture which explains to me the different historical architectural styles. So, it will explain to me “this is what Georgian house looks like”. Here is a brief background of the beauty underlying this design. Naturally, it will need pictures for a dum dum like me.


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