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Here is a a very thought provoking article on gay marriage by Tim Wilson. As an Australian conservative/libertarian homosexual, he provides a really interesting insight (as say, compared to American conservative homosexuals who either have socially liberal political views or absurdly extremist conservative views, as you know, Republicans sometimes do.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone express my own thoughts on the proper relationship between gay activism, religion and society as well as Tim has in this article (and in fact he does it better than I did). I’m terribly, terribly impressed.

The best approach for gay activism in the long run is not a direct confrontation but a collaborative approach with churches which can forge a long term community consensus on what shouldn’t really be a controversial issue. The present activist model is structured to drive a short-term win -where gay marriage is accepted in law,  but it is not structured to provide a long-term win where gay marriage is accepted by the greater consensus in society.

(That said, I may be wrong – Loving v Virginia forcibly shoved interracial marriage down the throats of the American people and they seem mostly ok with it now). But then again, I know nothing about the fight for interracial marriage, so that battle may already have been won by the time it reached the Supreme Court.


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