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Julia Gillard has promised to show the real Julia again now that the fake Julia has proven unpopular. I’m not entirely sure why Gillard didn’t do it before – as I said when she was first elected, it was a clear winning strategy against Tony Abbott. She could have taken an aggressive approach, and she’s the type of person who could have done it successfully. Labor had a winning lead, all she needed to do was not land an own goal.

That own goal was her absolutely lacklustre performance in the Leader’s Debate and her general performance? I’m confused as to why Julia, as someone with such strong communication skills would just throw them away for such an obviously false persona.

The question now is whether this new Julia is the ‘real’ Gillard. The media has been showing clips of the ‘real’ Julia coming back with a more aggressive approach. But that doesn’t sound like the old Julia with her wit and charm, it reminds me more of the ‘angry’ Obama. Remember? When the media forced Obama to be ‘angrier’ so he gritted his teeth and made the most unconvincing angry, black man I’ve ever seen. Somehow, he used his eloquent orator’s voice whilst using ‘angry’ words and it was the fakest thing I’ve ever seen.

I’m not convinced the real Gillard is back. Will the real Julia please stand up? Please stand up?



  1. Lololol… The ALP is headed for a massive defeat. If her only respite is her “personality” then theyve got nothing. Or rather, nothing they are comfortable talking about. Thanks a lot party machine men. I can kiss any prospect of rapid promotion goodbye.

  2. lol, so you’re admitting to being party political! I thought all you public servants, you know, served the public regardless of your own political leanings!

  3. Oh, and I should add, its not just her personality which will be the crux to Labor winning, its the fact that her personality is far better at selling what Labor is.

    She can make the argument that no one else has – that the ALP has a very strong economic track record and, as Ross Gittins points out, she is a fiscal conservative. She, as a lefty, could have pointed out the great things that the ALP did do – the Apology, the Kyoto Protocol etc etc. That’s less possible now, but I think a renewed Gillard can still kick some mighty ass.

  4. I really don’t know why they are not talking about the economy. It’s something they’ve done a brilliant job on, and now they are scared of the debt/deficit slogan from the Libs.

    Tony Abbott = public sector freeze = no promotions. Blergh. 😦

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