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As a bleeding heart liberal, whose heart bleeds, I naturally have a strong affinity with the environment. Wolves come at my call and mighty steeds deign to have me ride them.

A few months ago, this massive huntsman appeared over my bedroom door which was unsurprising given how cold it was outside. Huntsman spiders rarely bite humans (and aren’t deadly anyway) so I left it alone. There’s no need for senseless killing and it does whatever a spider can; spin a web any size; catches thieves just like flies. In any case, it huntsman spiders are great for catching cockroaches and other insects. So I left it and it appeared and disappeared as it would, progressively getting smaller and smaller.

On Saturday, it appeared in one corner of my bedroom, its legs trembling. It was half its previous size. Alas, there was no superhero ending for this spider. Apparently my room (despite the piles of paper) is void of all insect life.

RIP Spidey. You were always too good for this life.



  1. It might seem strange but I think Huntsmans are kind of cute. I never kill them.

  2. How would that strange to someone who just wrote a paean for the dead huntsman in his room, slain before its time?

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