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I’m watching Channel Ten’s rendition of Hawke now. My God, its awful.   Basically, its not a political thriller, its the tale of a womaniser who just so happens to be Prime Minister. In fact “just so happens to be Prime Minister” perfectly captures how the tele-movie thinks Hawke became PM. There’s about 2 minutes between when Hawke challenges Hayden for the Labor leadership then another 30 seconds before Hawke is suddenly PM. Almost nothing at all about what happened in the election campaign… I don’t think they even bothered to cast an actor to play Fraser.

I think the worst scene is when Hawke hosts some kind of summit between business, unions, church groups etc in relation to the Accord. But then, some advisor tells him he can’t hold it in the chamber of the House because the public can’t enter the House. The scene ends. The next scene is a bunch of business men, community members etc entering the House. WTF?

This is exactly why I don’t watch Australian films. I’ve never seen anything so awfully done. The characters are unsympathetic, the plot is downright boring (even to me!) People weave in and out of the plot and because they bear no resemblance to the real politicians I have no idea who they are aside from “advisor #2 advises Hawke that what he is doing is a bad idea”. I think Hawke’s secretary would make a brilliant actor for Elena Kagan though.

How can Keating! the Musical have been so much better in every way? It’s a musical full of jingles but the dialogue is so much more compelling. The characters, even when dressed in top hats dancing, seem so much more realistic. Dear god. Dear, mother-fucking God.



  1. I was sad that I missed it, but maybe it was for the best…

  2. Yeah, honestly I’m flummoxed as to how it got such high praise. I mean, it does show Hawke as a man struggling with his inner demons and all that, but it completely sidelines the main storyline… you know, him becoming and being PM.

    I couldn’t even stick with it long enough to see Keating crucify Hawke. Maybe that’s when things got interesting.

  3. I’m glad I missed it while in Adelaide then.

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