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Listen to your local news source for further details. I’ll be studying for my make-up admin law exam. See you all on Tuesday, guys!

The call for judicial deference by Kagan has been interpreted as a criticism of the activism of the Roberts Court. I wonder if it actually ties to her more robust view of Executive power under the Caltex doctrine.

Why anybody would be surprised that Kagan was less than forthright during her Judiciary Hearings I don’t know. She was secretive as hell during her entire professional life, I can hardly see why she’d change tack now.

But more importantly:

The motto “Equal Justice Under Law,” she argued, means that all who come before the court “regardless of wealth or power or station” get “a fair shake.”

… of the sauce bottle. Now that Rudd has been forcible exorcised by the factions from the Prime Ministry, has he now taken up residence in the virgin body of General Kagan?


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