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Now I’m hardly an expert in Middle East relations, but I’m hard-pressed to think of an incident in which one side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was an incredible douche-bag, without the other side being incredible douche-bags too.

So it was delightfully surprising to me, when a few days ago, the full might of the news media came crashing down on Israel like the hand of Mohammed (blessings be upon him) himself. It was undoubted, they said, that Israel launched an unprovoked attack upon an aid shipment in international waters without, to emphasise, provocation.

I mean how gullible can people get? Obviously anyone who is piloting a ship into Israel in the dead of night is not going to be totally innocent, especially when breaking a express blockade of the area. And I had strong suspicions that any journalist on board the Palestinian ‘aid ships’ would be strongly favourable to their cause as well (as lefty journalists are wont to be). [Of course, this ignores the greater incentive for news organisations to create as huge a media storm as they could before the real facts start flowing through. It would be gullible and remiss of me to not mention that as well].

Even those facts that did come through didn’t make much sense. Why would Israel be stupid enough to attack unarmed ships in the night with gunfire without any provocation? Why would they do it in international waters? It makes no sense from their point of view. And there were 5 ships… so why did they only go guns blazing onto one of those 5 ships? Many of the facts didn’t fit the story put out by the media and by their evil puppetmasters in Palestine.

Apparently I was wrong. Now, it turns out, the journalist on board wasn’t wholly dedicated to the Palestinian cause because his version of events seems pretty unbiased.

A few facts:

  • the ‘aid ships’ refused orders to turn back before heading into Israeli waters
  • The Israeli’s previously threatened lethal force during that demand
  • The Palestinians attacked first with fire hoses (those are a lot more powerful than cartoons make them out to be) and they threw Israelis into the ocean.
  • Now clearly, Israel overreacted and probably technically breached international law (which, as I’ve always said, isn’t real law), but it’s hardly the only guilty party here.

    And why is the media only representing the Palestinian point of view? The only explanation I’ve heard for the Gaza blockade is because Israel is starving out the people so they will turn against Hamas. What is Israel’s explanation? Again, the facts don’t entirely make sense. It can’t be a true blockade because Egypt also has a border crossing into Gaza.

    I’m not staunch advocate for Israel. They have a tendency to shoot first, then let the US do the thinking later. They are a religious state with absolutely no separation of church and state, freedom of speech etc etc. But I do firmly believe in objectivity and fairness. Israel’s point of view is seldom heard, except when the media reports the generic whackjob response of ‘Israel’s very security is under threat so all violent actions Israel takes are proportional in that context”


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