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The Onion reports a new campaign to stop kids smoking by labelling it ‘gay’

“Studies show teenagers fear being called gay more than cancer or emphacema”

So naturally, the French roll over and surrender to this new wave of marketing strategies:

Source: Droits des Non-Fumeurs (Non-Smokers’ Rights) Association

This has sparked a controversy in France between gay rights activists who fear that this could entrench negative stereotypes about homosexuality and non-smoking activists who are worried about the fact 40% of French teenagers have tried smoking. I won’t go into that (mainly because I’m meant to be cleaning my room), but I will ask one question:

If the French were afraid of being labelled homosexuals, wouldn’t their entire culture be somewhat different? Have you seen the way they dress? Or speak? lol

Personally, I think some homosexual individuals often fit and promulgate these stereotypes much more than the media does, and that these stereotypes facilitate umbrella prejudice against all homosexuals, regardless of how they act. I think it’s rather unfortunate, but don’t really have a solution to such a complex cultural problem.


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  1. Don’t get me wrong, I think this advert is wrong on many levels, but it’s disingenuous to call homophobia. There is/was a series of three of these posters, two depicting boys, and one with a girl.

    IMHO, it’s just someone with poor taste (no matter the gender in question) making a stupid advert, and another someone with poor taste signing off on the thing.

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