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I’m baaaack. I arrived in Australia just yesterday, so I am thinking of eventually posting here. Obviously, I’ve been overseas and unable to post and before that of course I was working (or enslaved in a coal mine somewhere). FYI, I’ve decided that I will not be posting about the Compton Cooking controversy at UCSD. I feel that it’s not my place as an outsider to publicly comment on your internal affairs. I’m not going to be one of those people who jumps on a bandwagon with only the barest scraps of information and launches huge protests. But if you do want my international perspective on the whole issue, then feel free to talk to me on AIM (paraprosdokian7) or via facebook. I will say though, to any non-UCSD people reading this blog that most media outlets and third parties have a rather distorted view of what is happening and they are not terribly good sources of information. For example, much of what the ACLU says is just plain wrong. Again, just AIM me or msn (

I’ve got a few posts I’ve half-written. There’s a post on airport security that I wrote whilst very very tired and annoyed at waiting in LAX. There’s also a half-complete post on whether gold is a good hedge against inflation, but that’s at a stage where I wrote it so long ago that I can’t be bothered finishing it. Perhaps at some point I will just upload all my half finished posts at one time for people to read. There’s some interesting stuff in there – its just that the post ends half-way throughthe middle.


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