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You are all probably aware that there is a great jihad going on between the West and the extremist Islamic world. A jihad upon America and her warmongering president(s). A jihad upon the Jew and the Homosexual, groups so central to the western way of life that they have never ever been maligned by the Christian infidels.

And you all of course know that this jihad, Allah willing, shall stretch across the very face of the Earth and touch every man in his soul. You know that this war is being fought on a thousand fronts. But did you know that this jihad stretches not only to making women property  but to even everyday parts of life? When you open the newspaper, be aware that there is a jihad upon cartoonists!

Remember always that Allah is merciful. When you go to the beach and wonder what sumptuous wonders are being hidden therein, know that this is a jihad on bikinis. When you feel the wrath of the Reserve Bank, know also that there is a jihad on interest rates.

Convert to Islam. It’s good for you.



  1. Allahu akbar. الله أكبر

  2. Bless you.

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