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5+2=7 just in case you were unaware.

For, you see, 7 is the number of senators the labor government needs to pass a bill throuh the senate. 5 is the number of Green senators. 2 is the number of dissident Liberal senators.

A somewhat obvious fact, and yet not a single mention in any press coverage. Why? Apparently the greens are so useless they can suspend the laws of mathematics.

It all begs the question why they wouldn’t just vote for the current era bill. The numbers are clear – steve fielding would never get on board, and in all probability any greener a bill would get less liberal dissidents not more. This isn’t a matter of views may differ, it is politically impossible for this bill to pass.

Do the greens simply not want an ETS? Bob brown has urged the PM not to go to a double dissolution election, so he can’t be expecting to change the senate numbers any time soon. There are only two possile conclusions. Firstly the greens care more about politics than saving he environment, or that the greens lack simple math skills. The smart money is that both of these are true.

The green’s utterly useless performance has vote in the next election. My senate vote is now 1 democrats 2 liberal (Marise payne and other moderates) 3 ALP 4 liberal (conservatives) 5 greens.

Yes, I am voting for bill heffernan before the greens. That is how incompetent they are. If you can’t trust them to even care about green issues, what can you trust them to do?


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