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Has anyone noticed how useless the Greens are? A once in a decade chance to be relevant, and they’re nowhere to be seen. This is the one time the environment will be both front and centre in the political world AND they can deliver 5 votes out of the 7 votes the ALP needs to pass bills through the Senate. Where are they? You can’t just blame the Liberal Party implosion- the Greens made absolutely no media impact in the weeks prior to the CPRS debates and during those debates.

This is why they cannot be a credible balance of power in the Senate. Currently, the ALP has the choice of appeasing both the Greens, Steve Fielding and Nick Xenophon or of appeasing at least 7 Liberals. Apparently it is easier to convince their mortal enemies to vote with them than to appease the Greens and Family First in the same breath. A strongly ideological party or Senator cannot be the balance of power. In this case, the Greens took an extreme position that would have either been significantly hurtful to business/the economy, or more importantly, they would be seen to have hurt business. Labor would not risk that. If anything, the Greens pushed Labor to be even more pro-business, and pushed them to weaken the ETS even more than they otherwise would have.

So there you have it. If you want to protect the environment, don’t vote Green.


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  1. This a member of the Australian Greens endorsing everything that you have written in this post.

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