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These political crises always amuse me because it shows how terrible some otherwise brilliant writers can be when under stress to write quickly and not bother with editing. (It also makes me feel better about my incoherent writing). See, for instance, Peter Van Olsen’s article which stretches for about a page, and yet says very little other than what is written in the conclusion. It also contradicts his major thesis a few times, which is never really a good sign. One gets the impression that he wrote the story with his wife nattering over his shoulder and disagreeing with every assertion he made.

And yes, I did switch to the Australian for my news content. The SMH just irritated me with its uselessness for far too long. You know what finally made me snap? Last week they reported that paper where some rogue scientists claimed that the LHC was so abhorrent to nature that its activation caused the universe itself to send shockwaves back in time to sabotage the current LHC. I first heard about that paper in American non-scientific sources AND ON TWITTER over a month ago. That was almost as bad as reporting that Maine passed a gay marriage bill 2 months after it was actually passed. By the time the SMH reported it, the conservatives had almost gathered enough signatures for an election to overturn the bill (and yes, the SMH failed to report that as well).

So far, I am quite impressed with the Australian, the large number of punctuation errors notwithstanding (they are indeed, quite understandable given how hastily this edition must have been written). They had a wide range of articles on different points of view, including their headliner about how the Liberals would face electoral annihilation in the city if they overthrew the ETS policy. I thought that’s what the Nationals were for.


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