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I dislike ranting about the SMH, it seems like such a side issue. But an important one because its the paper that most university students read… aside from MX 😛

The SMH has a new section in the sidebar on every page of its website called “National News Video.” I clicked one just now, with the subtitle “Cocaine in NSW Parliament House” which I assumed to be a news link about, well, cocaine use in parliament house. Instead, it was a youtube video (prefaced by the usual ads on the SMH website), but it was just Christian Democratic Party leader Fred Nile talking about cocaine use in Parliament House. It was posted to youtube by “anonymouschristian” and the end of the video said it was an official CDP video. (And yes, I know… just because I dislike the CDP doesn’t mean I’m making a big deal about this just because its the CDP. I happen to agree with Nile on this issue, which is scary in itself).

Need I point out the obvious conflict of interest in publishing official election videos on your website?  Even worse, its branded as “news” and not an ad. It’s treated exactly like all the other news videos they have where reporters report on news. I don’t see how a formerly reputable paper like the SMH can sink to such lows in just a few years. Utterly ridiculous.


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  1. I strongly recommend getting an Australian subscription next year. Despite its biases it does give better coverage imho. I read it in preference to the SMH now, which now only serves to meet my puzzle needs.

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