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This is honestly the most hilarious thing I’ve ever read:

Nathan Rees, having declared war on drugs, corruption, speeding and proper planning laws, has also declared a war on his ministers. Because honestly, this whole thing reads like a sketch from the Chasers’ War on Everything. He’s decided to phone-tap his ministers, steal information from private computers and then withhold it from them.

I’m just imagining the arguments that always happen when draconian laws are passed:

Civil libertarian/sensible person: “How would you like it if they did this to you?”

Politician: “But I’m a law-abiding citizen, they would never do this to me. I trust my government to act responsibly.”

Lucky we have the responsible Rees government in charge.


Please bring back Bob Carr… or in lieu of that, could we have John Brogden? Or we could replace the whole government with an inert gas. That way it can do absolutely no damage. Unlike Rees or O’Farrell.



PS: I should add. My source, as always, is the SMH, and one should always take things they say with a grain of salt. They have an irritating tendency to mix editorialism and content. Perhaps it really is just a way to measure the telephone usage. If only I had an authoritative independent source to inform me…


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