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Australian politics has always been dominated by the big two political parties and always have been. Occasionally we get the occasional minor party which focusses all its attention on one fringe issue: we’ve had parties whose sole policy was to oppose poker machines, (Nick Xenophon, independent for SA) opposing smoking,  supporting gun rights (Shooters party, NSW upper house) pro-4WD parties (the 4WD party, NSW upper house) . I think one had the major policy of allowing camping on beaches. The most fringe of all was the one supporting ‘democracy’ (don’t worry, they’re gone now). Honestly, who would support that and keeping politicians honest. Foolish really.

But the newest party has got to be one of the more interesting. The Australian Sex Party. Finally, a fringe issue that has overwhelming majority support from the electorate. Sex.

Jokes aside, does anyone know anything about them? They’re standing a candidate in Bradfield… a former law student turned “gen Y feminist pole dancer.”  That respectability should win her plaudits in the staid suburbs of the North Shore. Perhaps being part of the oldest profession in the world will endear her to the incredibly aged people populating the endless retirement villages we have here. Their policies, quite unremarkably, revolve around freedom of speech for sex-related things. All terribly controversial, but not particularly interesting nor likely to do much good for Australia should it pass. Congratulations, you may now stand in the nude in the streets. Now what?

Amusingly, their tactics in defending abortion are one of the more novel I’ve seen. Trying to defend the most controversial topic in the world with another one of the more controversial topics: no fault divorce. lol. I can see this party going far.

“To enact national pregnancy termination laws along the same lines as divorce law — which allow for legal, no-fault and guilt-free processes for women seeking termination.”

NB: I think this runs into constitutional issues too. What head of power do they wish to enact their abortion laws under? (Resisting temptation to make joke about the Sex Party being good at giving heads of power).


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  1. Have you had a look at their policy wishlist on their website? Most of it is actually quite sensible.

    And the oldest profession in the world is money-lending =P

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