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Once in a while, the world makes me smile. The Sydney Morning Herald has admitted that it was wrong. Not in the apologetic way that an ethical person might. But its a big first step for a newspaper which is used to only apologising under court order on page 15 in size 5 font for its front cover capital letter defamation.

The Herald has long been attacking the incompetent Rees government on various fronts, justifiably given how incompetent they probably are. But one constant source of criticism and newspaper sales is that the planned Rozelle Metro line which the Herald has constantly insinuated should be replaced with a heavy rail service. It is said, light rail is a waste of time, population growth will mean it has to be replaced by a heavy rail in a few years anyway because it doesn’t have the capacity. Surely.

So its good to see the SMH fronting up now and admitting that not only will the Rozelle line not be overcrowded. It is now vociferously alleging that the Rozelle line will be grossly undercrowded: So props to you, SMH. It takes real talent to apologise and to attack those to whom you are apologising at the same time.

Now I don’t know if the Rozelle metro line is good or bad. I’m deprived of any independent, unbiased journalists to inform me either way. But surely these arguments are inconsistent. This article seems to insinuate that the Rozelle line exists wholly to take pressure off the three main city rail stations of Wynyard, Town Hall and Central. But let’s point out the obvious – Rozelle is not anywhere near any of these stations! It’s in the opposite direction. The Rozelle line exists to funnel people from the inner city into the CBD so they can work. It seems a competent idea to build up the public transport to Rozelle so that we can increase the density of housing in Sydney. The facts may support this argument. They may not. They may be the result of an incompetent transport minister not being held to account by an equally incompetent transport shadow minister. Gee, if only I had an independent, ethical source of news which I could rely on to inform me so I could decide by myself.


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