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Hmm… so I looked at the statistics for this site today, which I don’t often do. One observation: you are love scandals and intrigue. Balanced, fair reporting just irks you.

My post “lawl subprime” was badly written – I didn’t edit it in the slightest before posting. But it was scathing, sarcastic and bitter. My post “Balance” was well-written (at least by my very mediocre standards). I edited it (a bit). But it was written in a calm measured tone. It also had a very bland title.

The result? The badly written, divisive infotainment post had 6 times as many hits as the factually-based and balanced post. Now I know why Fox News and Keith Olbermann (left-wing anchor on MSNBC) are so popular.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to buy some shares in News Ltd, and dump my shares in whoever publishes the Economist.


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