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Becoming a Law Lord.

Thanks to accursed French socialism this is no longer possible. Curse you Montesqueiu! Not only do you bar the introduction of a  legislative Bill of Rights, your separation of powers has riven the Judicial Committee of the House of Lords from its bosom in the House of Lords. Left with the somewhat unappealing name of the Judicial Committee, they have now been renamed the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. Their Lords of Appeal in Ordinary are now merely Justices.

Now, the best I can hope for is to become a Lord Justice of the Appeal in the High Court of Justice. Alas. I don’t think LJJ get the peerage, unless you’re like Denning and chose to move down from the HoL to the CoA.

What can I say? England has a spiffy way with titles. They’ve had them since the times of yore.

Edit: hahaha I just discovered something. It turns out the Lord Chief Justice of the UK is currently Lord Judge. In that his last name, is Judge Hahahahhahaha. That is awesome. That’s even better than the fact we have two HCA JJ called Sue.


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