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SCOTUS watchers, some little tid-bits to keep you happy.

An interview with the current JJ on Sotomayor’s appointment to the court:

And speculation that Justice John Paul Stevens may retire next year because he has only hired 1 law clerk instead of his traditional four:

It would be interesting to see how his replacement does in replacing him as the ideological backbone of the liberal wing of the court. It would be rather strange for Stevens J to retire before seeing how the court dynamics change with Sotomayor’s appointment. It clearly weighs on his mind given the roaring reception him and Ginsburg J gave to Sotomayor.

Of course, there could be another opening in Ginsburg J’s seat. She has been eager to state that she will be staying on, despite ill health. In fact, unusually so, given that most JJ see it as a tabboo topic. She, I believe, has said she wishes to stay on till her early 80s. She has also been emphasising that she is in good health in interviews I’ve seen.


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