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This morning, I woke up and begun my new routine of researching for my law assignment. Then suddenly, a terrible feeling pervaded my soul. The internet was no longer working. Google, not working. Facebook, twitter, the major communication highways of the internet. Not working. Major news outlets, the SMH, Google Reader etc not working (naturally trafficless news outlets like Vexnews and my blog were unaffected). What was going on, I thought. Was some alien invasion force systematically taking out humanity’s means of communication and resistance? Did they fear that Australian working families would use Twitter to rise up in rebellion against their robotic overlord, just as the Iranians took up arms against the anorexic Yeti who somehow took the seat of the Presidency.

But I discovered portions of the internet were still working. For example, Lexisnexis, the major database for legal cases worldwide, still worked. As did Heinonline, my source for legal journals and articles. Then I realised. Alas no, like some benevolent God, the internet had decided to encourage me to work.

But, my friends, you well know that I do not succumb easily to such pressures. Just as I am presently denying the omnipotence of Parliament (see Dicey’s theory of Parliamentary Sovereignty which avers that Parliament is omnipotent within the realm of the law), I deny the omnipotence of the internet! I will not succumb. I will procrastinate, as per my god-given right. Surely, if there is justice in this world, the moral right to work has as its converse the moral right to not work, the moral right to procrastinate.

And that, my friends, is why this blog was made.


  1. Is your ISP Telstra? they had an outage this morning.

    • Yeah. I’m not really surprised. I knew it was a Telstra outage cause my mobile’s internet was working fine.

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