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Sometimes we lament the death of bipartisanship, particularly in America where the ideological divide seems almost as wide in this post-ideological divide era as the gender gap.

There was a time when even American politics was, though ideologically charged, quite congenial. Colleagues respected one another, and recognised that politics was an area where great minds might differ. Navel-gaving into the past is always suspect to delusions and mirages – for instance, I might cite Jefferson’s complete and utter hatred of Hamilton. But every now and again, I read a story that reminds me of those days. In Australia, Whitlam announcing (once again) that Fraser “has improved”, though I suspect nothing shall save his friendship with Sir John Kerr.

Here’s another article. McCain (and other Republicans before him) have been lamenting that Sen. Teddy Kennedy was not present for the health care debate. Even though it is the Republicans “subtle” way of saying that their viewpoints have not been consulted on health care reform (as opposed to men with AKs accusing a black man and a jew of being Nazis), it does touch my heart somewhat. A reminder of days of old.


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