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Now, most of my recent posts seem to be about meeting these amazing famous people, or going to amazing events. But is that really all that exotic for me? I mean come on, I’ve met ministers etc before at ALP shindigs, so me meeting C-list celebrities isn’t that surprising.

But here are some things that you would not expect to happen to me at all:

1) I did not complete a graded homework set: Ok, so I complete ungraded homework on the bus all the time- you guys know this about me, but I don’t think I’ve ever failed to complete a graded homework set. For most people, it would be wholly unremarkable. But this is me we’re talking about. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even been sleeping. I started getting worried when the syllabus said it shouldn’t take us more than 5-6 hours to do this homework. But then I forgot about it. Until my maths lecture when the lecturer said we could hand it in then, or at the drop-off box before 3pm. Then I went to another lecture and forgot about it. Then I remembered again at 2pm. So I ran off to the library to borrow the textbook (still haven’t bought the damned thing) and started doing it. Then I read the due-date on the homework. It was Fri Oct 17… the next week. I’d done the bloody next week’s homework. So I printed it off and had half an hour to do 6 hours of work. I almost got there. It was completely illegible, but I’d done Q1,2,4 and about 60% of q3 by the time I got there. I was scribbling q3 on the lift on the way to the dropbox and the lift was somewhat faster than expected. So there we go. America is corrupting me already.

2) I own a legitimate Windows CD. Isn’t that remarkable? Now I’m not one of those communist/homosexuals with a Mac fetish, but who seriously owns a copy of Windows? You get it with your computer (then illegally download XP to replace the shoddy Windows Vista they gave you). Noone actually buys it, so noone actually has a CD…

Yeah, I went to see Craig Mundie (Bill Gates’ successor at Evil Corp) speaking. Apparently he’s taken over Bill Gates’ tradition of setting aside one week a year to tour universities and chat with students and faculty. And I won a copy of Vista in the raffle. Really brilliant guy. I’ll probably write a blog post on it some time. But probably not because I am so ridiculously busy. I’ve what? promised a blog on the republican convention, the palin rally and several other things now, and done none of it. Meh.

3) A girl said I had “natural charisma”. I’m not even going to give any context for that quote. In any context it is ridiculous and hilarious. Me. haha, I actually burst out laughing when she said it, which I guess is a tiny bit mean. But I honestly couldn’t help myself. My friend is convinced its because I have an awesome accent.

So there you go. By the time I return to Australia, none of you are going to recognise me. I’ll be a Fosters-drinking, sport-loving surfie.


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